Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is Beyonce TRUELY Pregnant? (Video & Pictures of "fake" pregnancy inside)

The news of Beyonce's pregnancy took the world by surprise. Doubts still abound on how real this pregnancy is as the pregnancy has been growing more than the usual pregnancy growth rate.
In the channel 7 "Sunday Night" interview with B, hell broke loose as the supposed pregnancy folded unusually. Hehehe!!!!

Just see the pictures after the cut... Also, watch the video too, concentrate between 0.52 second to 1.02 minutes
Photo Source: CoolFM 96.9

What do you all think people? Get the gist rolling...


  1. make we wait till d 9th month first....

  2. @Ufueboh, Yeah! And I will like to see the labour room as the deed is being done.

  3. ma dear,i tire oh! Y wld she b lying? Dese celebz enh